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I used to think . . . now I think . . .

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The ever-changing world is constantly challenging old habits and settled ways of thinking. Those who resist change often find themselves on the back foot. Some things never change, nor would the world be better if they did – the love of a mother, the beauty of a butterfly, the feeling of relief when danger is over. But change as part of the human experience is inevitable. A defeating struggle with it is not. Key to knowing what specific changes are worthy is an open mind, a willingness to ponder before reacting. An open mind is empowered to detect the differences between worthy and worthless change in order to embrace or resist it.

A closed mind is prone to miss opportunity or restorative action. What is your default reaction to change?

A goal for this week might be to ponder first and react second to changes that are thrown at us. We can’t avoid facing change in an ever-changing world – specific or in general. Facing change with an open mind is a way to avoid being overcome by it and helps us know what to do with it.

Finally, there is always valu

e in reflecting upon how and why our thinking has changed. I’ve been inspired by a “thinking routine” from Project Zero, (Harvard Graduate School of Education). It prompts us to consider what we used to think but what we now think. This allows us to acknowledge growth, lean into the disruptions brought by something new, and demonstrate resilience.

Some examples from the farm . . .

I used to think a farmer needed a tiller, but now I think the trend toward sustainability has led many to no-till practices.

I used to think I could only buy chemical-free hay from outside of Virginia. But now I think it pays to open up to other possibilities, and I found a less-expensive and better local source. One who delivers!

I used to think that timbering the forest next door would be devastating, but now I think that reforestation is sustainable while enabling me to now enjoy a new view of the sunrise.

I used to think my relationship with my goats was based on them needing me to tend to them physically. But now I think that rela

tionship is based on my needing them to tend to me emotionally.

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