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Designed around choice, variety, and creativity, our unique experiences build skills in problem-solving, practical life, and individual expression. Working side-by-side as a community, we care for animals, explore and harvest in the garden and woods, create heritage foods, and discover traditional artisan crafting. We connect the hand with the heart and find the joy of real work while practicing sustainability, purpose, and stewardship.




Many are asking if the Williamsburg Farm Camp will run its six sessions this summer. And we have been thinking hard about how they would run given the hands-on work that our campers enjoy and the requirements of social distancing. Because of the uncertainty about when Virginia will be reopening to the point that we could offer Farm Camp, we regrettably are canceling the Summer 2020 sessions at this point. As the summer progresses, and if it becomes possible to resume more normal group activities, we will open up the camps. So please stay tuned. Stay in touch. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news. Also, visit our website where you can subscribe to our Activities Newsletter to receive and enjoy some at-home activities as well as our Farm Pen Pal Program that will be posted each week. 


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Winnie and Jocelyn

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Kids  Sharing Garden

Market Crafting and Wildcrafting  

18th Century Sewing

Animal Partner Project

Wonders of the Woods

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