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Why do the chickens cross the road?


To get to the Williamsburg Farm Camp! They are the official greeters as campers arrive to
discover, explore, and create on our working farm in Williamsburg, Virginia.


This is a place where children from 6 – 12 and teens from 12 - 15 develop skills as artisans, heritage homesteaders, and problem-solvers. They work with animals and the land as a farmer, nourish soul and soil as an environmentalist, become stewards of both tradition and nature. And, in addition to cultivating new and favorite experiences, our campers enjoy the fellowship of our farm community, which they have an important part in creating.

Whether you are new to the Williamsburg Farm Camp or returning for new explorations, we
welcome you with a cluck and a neigh, a bleat, buzz, quack, and bark. Oh - and a hearty hello too!


Life is always an adventure on the farm!

The Team

Horses, Ducks, Dogs, Chickens,

Goats, Bees, and their people



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